We Need Your Support

The Bridge is 100% supported by private and organizational donations.  To learn more or to see how you can get involved financially please call (239) 274-3437 or email us here

The Bridge Builders Club

One dollar per day.  Could you sacrifice that to help serve teens in our community?  Since opening the doors in 2004, the Bridge has assisted more than 7,500 students with goods, services, academic tutoring, counseling, college scholarships and job placement assistance.  But these things won't happen without financial support.   


Join "The Bridge Builder Club" by donating $30/month, each month to The Bridge.  Most of the programs and activities offered at The Bridge are free of charge to teens, however, the facility, equipment and supplies used in these programs are not free.  That's why builders like you play such a vital role.   


Sign up to support the Bridge with $1/day and become a member of The Bridge Builder Club.  You name will go on our "Bridge Builder" wall at the center.   


Call (239) 274-3437 to learn more.  Or contact through the website by clicking this link.