We Need Your Help

To whom it may concern:

Before you react, with the thought of discarding this letter, I ask you do me a small favor, don’t. The minute or so it will take to read this, may change a life. We are writing you on behalf of The Bridge Youth Center. The Bridge is a youth community outreach center that is striving to make a difference in the lives of today’s teenagers and their families; we believe YOU are an asset, in making that vision a reality.  The Bridge is a faith-based, non-profit outreach facility that caters to at-risk youth and their families- ages 12-18 years old, in a variety of services and programs. From free after-school tutoring each day, life skills classes, summer camps, G.E.D. prep and job placement assistance, to sports activities, weight training, and social skills development, Friday Night Teen Night Club, a class on Tuesday nights with teens who struggle with addictions, depression, grievance, etc.  The Bridge offers a variety of services at no charge, in an effort to impact those in need in the community.  But like many other non-profit organizations, we struggle in these economic times. Unfortunately, many of our past sponsors, have reduced or stopped their support altogether. Hence, the purpose of this letter, we are not asking you to write a check to some obscure outfit, and then be forgotten. Every penny donated is used right here in Lee County, for kids next door.  The Bridge has partnered with agencies such as the Juvenile Assessment Center, Local Law Enforcement, Probation Officers and Social Services Agencies in an effort to better educate, direct and equip youth, their families, and communities.So if you would first, pray, for the Bridge ministry and its staff. If led, help us financially, or by volunteering, but at least always, lift us up in prayer to continue this important ministry.   We would love, if possible, to set up a meeting face-to-face, to discuss our needs.We could not reach out to the needs of so many hurting students in our community without supporters like you who generously give to the cause of supporting student services offered through The Bridge Youth Center, Inc. We are striving to impact the community of Fort Myers and Lee County in a large way.   Once again,  Thank You for your valued support! 

The Bridge Youth Center




Spring 2011

We are in the process of looking for a new Director to oversee the day to day operations of the Bridge Youth Center. Please see our Staff page for a job description.

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